first_imgThe is no doubt that all Guyanese, regardless of political affiliation or social standing, want Guyana to fully realize its vast and enviable potential. In doing so, the country and its people would benefit tremendously for the redounding economic prosperity with standard of living holistically improved.Comparison continues to be made to what Singapore, with far fewer natural resources than Guyana, visibly is today. It has a highly developed market economy and is known as one of the freest, most innovative, most competitive, most dynamic and most business-friendly.Guyana, unfortunately, is nowhere close to such categorization and after the 2015 elections, the economic took a downturn following years of unprecedented and sustained growth and development.As more Guyanese travel and assess for themselves how other countries have moved ahead and how the residents benefit from such advancement, they cannot help but wonder, what if with regard to their own.What if Guyana had achieved even just half of what Singapore has? The staggering results would have been unimaginable by local standards. It would have surpassed others in the region and become a buzzing hub for trade and tourism. It would have inflated pride in all Guyanese thereby imbuing enthusiasm to inundate social media for a furtherance of positive messaging.This is not taking away from Guyanese, who, despite the obvious challenges, search for positives to share. Of course, there are those who will always find negatives in a sea of positives. That said, damning reality cannot be ignored.Some, in their push for positive imaging, advocate for a suppression of the negatives. With unfettered access to social media, there is a difficulty for people to resist sharing real stories despite them being considered as potentially damaging to the country’s image.A few weeks ago, the Business Minister reportedly stated that Guyanese should be careful of what they post on Facebook. His obvious concern is the potential to harm tourism and by extension, the image of the country. He was referring to highlighting of crime.The portfolio he holds would demand he make such appeals especially since Guyana is still building its international tourism profile. However, as a government Minister, he cannot be oblivious of the crime situation and the toll it continues to take on Guyanese.There were many incidents of tourists and overseas-based Guyanese being robbed on visiting here with some killed. In such cases, whether Guyanese here make such posts on social media or not, the tourists and overseas relatives would. More so, there was no isolated case, but quite a number of robberies on the way from the airport, on reaching their destination or sometime after.The media has every right to report on matters affecting the citizenry, including crime. Just two weeks ago a father and daughter were killed by bandits on the East Coast. East Berbice was literally under sieged, even in mindsets, by armed bandits. Weeks ago, the Police launched an operation after mounting public pressure resulting in three bandits being killed.From that incident, an alleged collusion between the dead bandits and a senior officer was revealed. A senior cop has since been sent on leave as investigations continue. In May this year, three bandits, who invaded a Norton Street home, were also killed by police.Crime however has not ceased and every day they are reports of robberies across the country. That is the frightening reality in which lives were lost precipitating fear into those who reside here and those who want to visit. The situation worsened over the past few years. Just a few months ago the United States of America issued a travel warning to its citizens desirous of coming here.That in itself underscored the magnitude of the local crime situation and it may have gotten the attention of the government which in its response said that the country is safe. In saying so, many felt that the government was either tone-deaf to crime or ignored it. That may explain why it took a seeming eternity for a response to the Berbice situation.That aside, what the government failed to understand, having ignored the pains and cries of locals, is that if the country was safe, why would the USA issue such a statement? That statement could not have resulted from Guyanese postings on social media, but from the USA’s own assessment to safeguard the welfare of its citizens.In trying to safeguard families, Guyanese posted in desperation to bring awareness with the expectation of effective intervention from the government. In the context of the heinous crimes committed and its continued rampage, is the Minister of Business suggesting that such incidents be ignored while in the process of building a tourism profile?What he should be made aware of, is, if he wants a tourism profile not sullied by crime, then he should demand that the government he represents take effective and sustained action to safeguard the welfare of Guyanese and those who visit.It would be one of many important steps to achieve success like Singapore. What is not surprising, is the Minister not asking the USA for it to stop issuing travel advisory like it did. Maybe Guyanese are easy pickings.last_img read more

first_imgWorld Immunisation Week – celebrated in the last week of April – aims to highlight the collective action needed to ensure that every person is protected from diseases that are preventable once they are properly vaccinated. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), this year’s theme: “Protected Together, Vaccines Work!”, celebrates Vaccine Heroes from around the world – from parents and community members to health workers and innovators – who help ensure we are all protected, at all ages, through the power of vaccinesImmunisation is the process whereby a person is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease, typically by the administration of a vaccine. In essence, immunisation is a proven tool for controlling and eliminating life-threatening, infectious diseases. It is also one of the most successful and cost-effective health interventions, and prevents between two and three million deaths annually from diseases such as diphtheria, measles, pertussis, pneumonia, polio, rotavirus diarrhoea, rubella and tetanus.The goal of World Immunisation Week 2019 is to raise awareness about the critical importance of full immunisation throughout life.During Vaccination Week, there are a number of activities usually planned in more than 180 countries across the world, including vaccination campaigns, training workshops, round-table discussions, public information campaigns, etc, to raise awareness about the importance of being immunised.Like many other countries, for us in Guyana, this special week provides an opportunity to remind families and communities in general how effective vaccines can be, and to encourage people to take action to ensure that more children, and increasingly people in other age groups, are immunised against deadly and debilitating diseases.According to WHO, there are more than 19 million unvaccinated or under-vaccinated children in the world, putting them at serious risk of contracting these potentially fatal diseases. Of these children, 1 out of 10 never receive any vaccinations, and most likely has never been seen by the health system.The Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) – endorsed by 194 Member States of the World Health Assembly in May 2012 – aims to prevent millions of deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases by 2020 through universal access to immunisation. Despite improvements in individual countries and a strong global rate of new vaccine introduction, all of the GVAP targets for disease elimination — including measles, rubella, and maternal and neonatal tetanus — are behind schedule, according to the WHO.In order for everyone everywhere to survive and thrive, countries must make more concerted efforts to reach GVAP goals by 2020. Additionally, those countries that have achieved or made progress towards achieving the goals must work to sustain those efforts over time — so that no person goes without life-saving vaccines.To achieve the kind of progress that is needed, the WHO has urged that Governments invest more in immunisation efforts, advocates must make vaccines a priority, and people must get themselves and their families vaccinated.Countries are also being urged to reach more children missed by the routine delivery systems, especially those living in countries, districts or areas where less than 80 per cent of them are receiving vaccines, or those living in countries affected by conflicts or emergencies.When a child or adult who is unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated visits a health facility for any reason, their vaccination record should be checked by healthcare workers, and they should be given all vaccines they are missing.That said, Guyana’s immunisation programme has been largely successful, and has resulted in the eradication of illnesses such as polio, yellow fever, and measles among others diseases. We urge all stakeholders to utilise World Vaccination Week, which is dedicated to immunisation, to spread the message of the need to be vaccinated; especially in Guyana’s remote areas, where health officials still seem to be facing some challenges.Guyana will continue to make steady progress if every stakeholder — including donors, health professionals, community leaders, school administrators and others — treats the issue of immunisation more seriously.last_img read more

first_imgDear Editor, The recent attempt by the Town Clerk, via the letters column, to cajole residents and visitors to Georgetown into supporting the beleaguered parking meter project that has been unfairly thrust upon motorists, is pathetic, aggravating and sardonic. He should be the last to attempt such a sleight of hand trick. To attempt to say that this is a part of a wider initiative to use cutting-edge technology to modernise our capital is simply a sick joke. With old refurbished third-hand meters he is modernising the Garden City? Why can’t he be honest and say simply that this is another tax measure to further financially stress our people, the revenue from which they will use to fund the continued fat cat lifestyle of the Council’s Big Wigs, such as for more first-class travel around the world, bodyguards, drivers, personal assistants and a retinue of other staff trailing behind them, fancy sports utility vehicles to transport them in, employment for their relatives and friends at super salaries and with allowances, fancy dinners at exclusive restaurants, etc.The truth is the Georgetown City Government would bring last in any index that shows the ranking of cities and their use of modern technology for the provision of services to residents and visitors. At City Hall to pay for anything whether it is property rates, processing fees, licences or stall rentals, one has to be in line rather than online. Animals are slaughtered in a most brutish and inhumane way in stark contrast to modern abattoirs elsewhere in the world. All of their buildings are falling apart and lack basic infrastructure. None of their gardens or open spaces has Wi-Fi to help bridge the digital divide in our city. Just look at Merriman Mall, is that modernisation?What technological advancement are they talking about? Do they even know what a smart city is? Where is the research and development effort the Town Clerk talks about? Where is the scientific and research talent at City Hall and where is the level of innovation needed?The Town Clerk needs to understand that vision without action is merely a dream, but action without vision is a nightmare.To all at City Hall, I use the famous Bob Marley quote “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.”Why are people being forced to pay for parking when there are hardly any street lights, when trunkers freely break into parked cars or steal their mirrors and lights, when the roads are so narrow and potholed, when stray animals roam all over, when junkies persecute you for a raise each time you park, when the roads and parking spaces flood each time there is a little rainfall. When there is garbage strewn all over? Why? To satisfy City Hall’s abominable greed?I have decided and I think others should consider like me to shop at the supermarkets, shopping malls, gas stations and other such facilities outside of the downtown area, where there is free and secured parking.Sincerely,James Mc Onnelllast_img read more

first_imgDear Editor,In a previous letter written 3 years ago, I wrote, “For the readers of Kaieteur News to truly understand the mindset of columnist Freddie Kissoon, it is necessary for me to repeat the definition of a word that I believe accurately describes this writer. The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines the word ‘pompous’ as: “Having or showing the attitude of people who speak and behave in a very formal and serious way because they believe that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people.”In his column on Monday, Kissoon referred to me as “someone named Harry Gill who seems to have a faulty memory when he writes his daily missives.” This conveys the impression that Kissoon is not too familiar with who I am, when in fact he does for many years. So, for the benefit of the newspaper columnist, let me refresh his memory. I am of Portuguese decent, and a former critic of the Jagdeo Administration who allowed myself to be suckered-in by the anti-PPP rhetoric of the online Mark Benchop radio while living in New York. I have since had reasons to regret my own actions, and I am now a proud member of the PPP cabal. I am the same patriotic son of the soil who returned home and never relinquished my Guyanese citizenship despite living legally in the greatest country God has ever created for over 23 years. I’m the same person that sent US0 via Western Union to Freddie Kissoon after he made a public appeal in his column for donations to build of a home in Linden for a woman whose house in Buxton had been set afire. To date, Freddie has never acknowledged receiving the money, nor has he ever thanked me for sending it. But I’m the same Harry Gill who Freddie once wrote that I had no right to be critical of anything that goes on in Guyana because I lived in the diaspora. And yes Freddie, I am the same person with whom you have had so many battles with in the pages of the newspapers. Perhaps you may recall the hilarious headlines of some of those articles you wrote: “Harry Gill’s hariolation on a bennettitaceous performance in Guyana” (KN Feb. 05, 20111): “Harry’s harengiform and Harry’s harengula” (Feb 16, 2011); “Is Mr. Gill a gillyganpus?” (March 20, 2011); and from me, “Berbicians are better off today and Freddie knows it.” (March 12, 2011); and “Freddie Kissoon’s mind is as unkempt as his appearance” (March 12, 2011). The last caption is still relevant today.My point is Editor, by referring to me as “someone named Harry Gill”, Kissoon is being fraudulent, and this is the same level of fraud that permeates his columns.Admittedly, I rarely agree with Kissoon, but I have always respected his constitutional right to free speech. Unfortunately, it has cost him dearly. He blames the PPP for the feces that was thrown in his face; the termination of his contract as a lecturer at the University of Guyana; and the dismissal of his wife from her state job at Go-Invest. Although the PPP has repeatedly denied these allegations, his ongoing personal vendetta against the PPP and its leader, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, is fueled by much hate and his selfish desire to seek vengeance at all cost.Just a few days ago, Freddie admitted that he campaigned against the PPP, not for the AFC. He wrote, “This columnist here is very disappointed with the nature and performance of the two parties in power – the APNU and the AFC. But I will devote energy and passion to see that the PPP is not returned to power in 2020 and in the future.” He is determined to do so, even as the Guyanese people continues to suffer under the APNU+AFC coalition he helped to get elected.Kissoon’s behaviour is becoming more hyperactive with each column he writes, and he has now become a pathetic peddler of his last Monday’s column entitled, “They administered Guyana as if it was their personal property” (KN, Sept 04, 2017), Kissoon went into some detail about a piece of land that once housed a ministry, and after that ministry had moved and the derelict building torn down, the land was sold to a “small businessman” during the privatization policy of the late President Hoyte. He wrote, “A very close friend of President Jagdeo had properties in the same street and thought that the asset was state land because a famous ministry once stood there. This presidential friend in 2014 decided to fence the land. An employee of the small businessman saw the land being fenced and alerted his boss. The small businessman turned up and enquired who gave the orders to work on his property. The crew reported back to the presidential friend what happened and that was the end of that.” And incredibly, he added, “If the land was governmental asset, then the presidential friend simply would have taken it over and then gotten the legal transfer. Surely, there must be other similar incidents in which this rich presidential friend got state properties in identical fashion. There is an important question to think about – was he the only presidential friend that operated in such oligarchic ways?This columnist has been told that such factual tales are being pursued by SARA and that SARA has found that one presidential friend has 42 properties in Georgetown alone.”Kissoon has always been vague in his columns, citing some reason that prevents him from naming names. And when he does, the person is already dead and is in no position to confirm nor contradict his story. But in the interest of full disclosure and the truth, Freddie Kissoon must answer the following questions, and he must not hide under the guise that he cannot publish this information for fear of a libel suit. For it is common knowledge now that justification and the truth are complete defenses to defamation.If he is telling the truth, he should have no fear of being sued.Freddie Kissoon must now tell the nation the location of the property he has written about. He must name the “small businessman” and the name of the person who was “a very close friend of President Jagdeo”. Kissoon must also name the “presidential friend” that has 42 properties in Georgetown, the locations of these properties, and the name of the President to which he refers. Kissoon must also provide some evidence that these 42 properties were obtained illegally.The nation also needs to know on what basis is SARA disclosing evidence of its investigations to Freddie Kissoon. If this is indeed happening, then SARA is guilty of providing information to political hacks of the Administration for the purpose of witch-hunting, an accusation long made by my colleagues in the Opposition.On the other hand, if SARA did not share this information with the newspaper columnist, I expect SARA to denounce the allegations made by Kissoon.By any standard, Kissoon is a radical. His extraneous views are self-serving and are dangerous to the peace and stability of our nation that needs to heal.I have restrained myself from responding to the filth that is spewed by Kissoon in some of his columns. But every now and then, Guyanese need to be reminded of Freddie’s political agenda, his personal vendetta, and the danger he poses of poisoning the minds of those who read his columns.HARRY GILLPPP/C Member ofParliamentlast_img read more

first_imgThe club also recorded post-tax profits of 23.8 million euros against 16.5 million in the 2012-13 campaign.“Our Bayern is exceptional both economically and in sporting terms,” said financial director Jan-Christian Dreesen in a statement released just before the club’s annual meeting in Munich.“Our financial strength aims to invest regularly in the team so that it continues to be competitive at the top level of Europe.“Strong sporting success and economic strength is our motto.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Bayern Munich’s players celebrate winning their 25th Bundesliga title last season. PHOTO/FileMUNICH, November 28- German champions Bayern Munich recorded a second successive turnover of more than 500 million euros (Sh56,584,774,442.29) for the 2014-2015 season, confirming the Bavarians as the country’s financial powerhouse.Bayern’s turnover was 523.7 million euros, down slightly on the previous year’s 528.7 million.last_img read more

first_imgDanny Murphy says Fulham are close to deciding on their new manager.The former Craven Cottage star is part of a five-man committee assessing suitable candidates for the vacant post and he has told talkSPORT they are making good progress.Speaking on the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast, he said: “We are getting much closer.“We have been working quite hard, having a couple of meetings, and for any fans out there listening, we are nearly there.”Kit Symons is the frontrunner for the job having enjoyed a successful spell in caretaker charge.Billy McKinlay, Chris Hughton and Gianfranco Zola have also been linked with the post.last_img read more

first_imgNew boss Remi Garde insists he has not signed up to prepare Aston Villa for the drop.The manager is also adamant he will have the final say on transfers after Villa’s failed summer business.Garde was appointed as Tim Sherwood’s successor on Monday and then watched Villa slip to their seventh straight defeat with a 2-1 loss at Tottenham.He takes control for the first time for Sunday’s visit of leaders Manchester City, with Villa rock bottom of the Barclays Premier League – but former Arsenal midfielder Garde said he is not contemplating relegation.“I am confident, it’s 28 games to go,” said the ex-Lyon boss at his unveiling at Villa Park. “If we start winning things will change. “Now it’s difficult but we can do it. I am not coming to prepare for next season in a lower division.“I met the owner (Randy Lerner), I met Tom Fox (chief executive) we had very good meetings. I had very good feelings which made my decision to accept this difficult mission.“I think Borussia Monchengladbach started with five defeats in a row and then they had six wins in a row. In football you never know.“When, mathematically, it’s done you shake hands and it’s finished.”Under Sherwood Villa signed 13 players in the summer, with under-fire sporting director Hendrik Almstadt and director of scouting and recruitment Paddy Riley heavily involved.Sherwood had hinted he did not get the players he wanted but Garde insisted he is happy with the set-up – and will have the last word.He said: “It’s something we are used to having in France. It is quite normal to have a sporting director. I had a big chairman, a chief executive, a chief scout as well (at Lyon).“What is normal is I will have the final say, which is very important.“You need people to support you and I took this organisation as a support, not something I will struggle or fight with. We will have meetings and discuss where we can improve the team but I will say what I want and what I need.” Garde was appointed as Tim Sherwood’s successor on Monday 1last_img read more

first_imgAhead of his expected move to Chelsea, Tim Vickery says Alexandre Pato is not the type of striker they need.The former AC Milan forward is reportedly close to sealing a move to Stamford Bridge, returning to Europe after three years back in his home country.The 26-year-old moved to Corinthians in 2013 but showed his best form on loan at Sao Paulo.South American football expert Vickery told Hawksbee and Jacobs of the deal: “It looks as if there’s something happening.“Corinthians are absolutely desperate to sell him and get him off the wage bill. They’ve had two agents going around England, knocking on doors saying ‘Who will buy? Who will buy?’“It does seem there might now be something going on, there are numerous sources saying the deal is being worked out.“I’d be interested to see the price, because as I’ve been telling you in recent weeks, there’s so much scope here for the buying club to play poker and drive that price so far down.“He is a free agent in a year and Corinthians are so desperate to get rid of him.“The asking price started at 25million euros, then 20, then 15 and there’s still scope to bring that so low down. But the buying club – if it’s Chelsea or anyone else – can afford to take the gamble.”Pato made waves after breaking through at the San Siro in 2007, making his Brazil debut a year later and he was linked with big-money moves across Europe. Injuries and off-field issues slowed his progress before he returned to Brazil.Vickery said: “There’s a certain kind of ‘sweat and sacrifice’ ethic around Corinthians.“They paid a fortune to bring him back from Europe and with them it didn’t come off at all.“He’s a bit too aristocratic for Corinthians I think. He fell out with the fans and it’s one of those which you just couldn’t see working.“So they loaned him to local rivals Sao Paulo while they were still paying his wages. And then he started playing really well and scoring loads of goals.“They were paying for him to score for their rivals! Now imagine that, it’s managerial incompetence on a grand scale.“All they want to do now is just get rid of him and get a return because they are in grave financial problems.”But Vickery does not think he fits the bill for the Blues, who currently have attackers Diego Costa, Radamel Falcao and Loic Remy on their books.  He added: “What he isn’t is an out and out centre forward, he’s not a Didier Drogba, Diego Costa, a number nine.“He is a support striker. When he was doing well for Sao Paulo he was playing in a front three on the left and cutting in onto his stronger right foot.“In that position [his old Sao Paulo coach] Juan Carlos Osorio said he is one of the five best players in the world.“But when I look at the Chelsea team I am not sure it is what they need to reinforce. I would have thought they need more in the classic number nine/centre forward area.”SEE HERE – Warren Haughton’s Insider Trading: Liverpool’s Jerome Sinclair to La Liga? Yaya Toure’s Manchester City future, Chelsea striker latest and morelast_img read more

first_img Guus Hiddink Guus Hiddink reiterated the importance of an away goal after the 2-1 defeat at Parc des Princes.Ligue 1 PSG were 2-1 winners over Chelsea in the first leg of the Champions League last 16, but the away goal may prove valuable for the Londoners next month.Zlatan Ibrahimovic gave the home side the lead before John Obi Mikel drew the Dutchman’s side level seconds before the half-time whistle.Substitute Edinson Cavani won it for the French outfit, but the value of that away goal means the second leg could be wide open.Hiddink told BT Sport: “Of course the result is negative on one side but on the other hand it’s also important to have an away goal.“But it hurt a bit at the end because I think the team was playing very decently against a team which has a lot of capacity to play.“So at the end, yeah it hurt a little bit, but still we are in a race.“When there are two legs then it’s important to have the away goal. At the end, if we can do it at Stamford Bridge then the defeat doesn’t count so much.”Defender Cahill claimed Chelsea now know what they have to do in the second leg at Stamford Bridge in three weeks’ time.He said: “We pushed for the goal tonight, managed to get it. Disappointed at the end. 1-1 here would be a fantastic result. They’re a fantastic team and that was very, very tough.“It’s disappointing at the end because I thought we defended throughout the game really well and we dug in.“It’ll be a different game at home, but nevertheless we go for the home leg.“We know what we have to do now and we’re more confident at home. We know how tough it is to come here; you see their record this season, not just in the league, but in European competition as well. It’s very, very tough to get a result here.“To concede two, it’s hard when they have so many corners and final third entries.“It’s very tough. But it’s poised now. We know what we have to do and we have done it before at home. We go all in now.” 1last_img read more

first_imgA Chelsea Under-23 team featuring players such as John Terry and Cesc Fabregas left it late to beat Southampton on Monday afternoon.The Saints twice took the lead against their West London counterparts, Olufela Olomola and Josh Sims scoring either side of Michy Batshuayi’s equalising goal.However, Adi Viveash’s experienced team managed to claim a late, late victory – Batshuayi equalising with three minutes of normal time remaining, before Marco van Ginkel netted the winner in injury time.Antonio Conte may have used a consistent starting XI since finding the winning formula with his 3-4-3 formation, but the goalscoring form of Batshuayi may see the Belgian youngster knocking on the first-team door soon.You can watch Batshuayi’s second goal and Van Ginkel’s winner below… Here’s that winning goal from Marco van Ginkel… 👌#CFCDev— Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) November 21, 2016 1center_img Michy Batshuayi and Marco van Ginkel scored in the victory for Chelsea’s development squad last_img read more